Saturday, January 1, 2022

2022: Make America Serious Again

September 29, 2022 is the date of the last update. Video below:

Inflation, Shutdowns, and Trending Authoritarianism

Quagmires in the Fed’s War on Inflation

Redefining ‘Recession’ for the Little People

Will the Fed Do the Right Thing on Inflation?

Cancel Culture for Serious People

Inflation: raise rates or sell assets

Inflation: Negotiating with Reality

Helping the Greenies Understand Fossil Fuels

Supply chains and the energy that fuels them

A chess champ opines on Putin

The Power of One Man over a Slavish People

What to do about what's really stoking inflation

Children of the Corn and the Fraud of Renewable Energy

Biden’s War with Prices

Working Folks and the Poodle of Congress

How Mike Pence Fell Short on January 6

The 2022 Outlook for the U.S. Oil Industry

The right price for a barrel of oil

The Price of Recovery for U.S. Oil

Living in the Long Emergency

COVID-19 and the Profitability of U.S. Oil

The Price Of Energy Independence

The following articles are NON-political >>>

A Nation of Queuers Cannot Stand

So You Think You Understand Language

Exciting New Discovery Challenges Conventional Wisdom

Nonsense ‘Carries Through’ the Anglophonic World

All that Glitters Is Not What?

What Makes the ‘Greatest Film of All Time’ So Great?

Helping Lawyers with Their Prose

H.W. Fowler and the History of an Error

British Linguists Mangle Logic

Fun with Negation

A Most Singular Woman

This charming montage is made of outtakes from Tornatore’s 2000 flick Malèna, and is set to Morricone’s score from the movie:

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