Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea Party Agonistes

December 6, 2011 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

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American Elections: The Paragon of Democracy?

The Missouri GOP Wakes Up

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The Left's Big Obsession … newer version HEREhumor?

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Inequality: It’s a Good Thing ... also here ...

Creative Destruction in Kansas City?

Tea Parties are like the confederates or something

Stop Coddling Warren Buffett

Tax Reform for a Broke Nation

What took the S&P downgrade so long? … for the Tea Party

Credit Downgrade: Where do we go to get our good name back?

A Ridley Scott Movie for Conservatives

Debt Ceiling: Anything But Spending Cuts

Paul Krugman on Default: Crazy for You … Tenth Amendment Center

Debt Ceiling: The Long Run Is Here … a short blog

Bill O’Reilly Addresses the Tea Party

Can Increased Demand Save the Economy?

Debt Ceiling: Groping for Clarity

ObamaCare and the King’s Royal Deeralso here

Debt Ceiling: The Trap of Budget Cuts in the ‘Out Years’

Presidential Elections: An End Run Around the Constitution?

The “Real” Tax Rates on Top Earners

The Debt Ceiling Showdown in an Uncertain Recovery

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Paul Krugman: The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Ever-Shifting Price of ObamaCare

Hit and Run Journalism in Kansas City

The Debt Ceiling: Who’s Holding Whom Hostage?

Removing the Payroll Tax Cap

Social Security ‘Whoppers’ and the Compliant Media

NY Times columnist wrong: Congress Can End Social Security Whenever They So Choose

The Price of Government Employees

Robert Reich: Who You Calling a Liar?

Paul Krugman: Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Kansas City Star whitewashes Senator McCaskill’s offenses

‘Waiving’ goodbye to the Constitution

The Mahdi in the Moviessee a great movie clip

The Unbearable Lightness of the Social Security “Trust Fund”

Who’s afraid of a little election fraud?

The Individual Mandate: Is It a Tax?

The Limits of Federal Power: ObamaCare on Trial

Tea Partiers concerned about America, watch this VIDEO.

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The Restoration is not yet complete.