Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Alternative to UVR

Read Ultracon's recent article at TCS Daily. And be sure to watch the short video that accompanies it:

Ultracon comes through again with more of The Divine Angela. This time a promo for a recent EMI recording of Madama Butterfy. Ultracon is also pleased with the Pinkerton, Jonas Kaufman, a tenor with some meat on his voice. Ultracon likes big heavy dark voices, don't cha know.

Perhaps Ultracon's all-time favourite tenor is Jon Vickers. Ultracon also heartily approves of Nicolai Gedda. And of course the only bass in history was Nicolai Ghiaurov (see last post).

Ultracon doesn't know how this melding of conservative opinion with opera videos is working out for the folks. Nor can Ultracon even guess at the effect of constantly referring to himself in the third person.

ULTRACON: It's self-contradicting, like an oxymoron. Why?

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