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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020: Either Socialism or the Founders

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Many Americans have heard the rapturous music here; it’s been used in a bunch of movies, like the Coen Bros.' Hudsucker Proxy. Here we have the source of that wonderful music, Khachaturian’s ballet Spartacus. The ballerina is Anna Nikulina. There’s a moment at the 5:55 point where she shows her uncommon strength, and the audience erupts in appreciation. What a gorgeous dancer; what a woman:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019: Divided Government for a Divided America

December 9, 2019 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

David Horowitz reminds us of our founding
Correcting Voters’ Mistakes
Property, Obamacare, and Liz Warren's Wealth Tax
When Does Serial Lying Become Disqualifying, Liz?
Warren's Money Grab: A Tax on Net Worth
The ‘Moderates’ in the Democrat Field
The Limitations of Economics
Does Sovereign Debt Matter?
Bailouts for Pensions -- ‘Through No Fault of Their Own’
Trump’s ‘Accidental’ Win on the Citizenship Question
Counting Foreigners in the U.S. Census
The Senseless Census: A Solution
How to Twist Numbers on the Economy
Congress Is Dysfunctional, So Send in the Cavalry
Roy Moore and What Political Parties Should Be
Big Money for Big Government: the MMT Debate Continues
Windmills versus nuclear energy
Variations on a Speech for the Ages
How Congress ‘Extends the Life’ of Social Security
Would Stronger Parties Produce Better Candidates?
Preparing for 2020 in Our So-called ‘Democracy’
A Powerful Film Defies the History Books
Transfer Payments and Touching the ‘Third Rail’
Truth or Lie: Social Security Doesn’t Add to the Debt
The Hijacking of a Presidential Election
After Lehman's Collapse: A Decade of Delay
Democrats Now Share Responsibility for the 2019 Deficit

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Waltraud Meier is one classy gal. And she can sing, too. Here she sings the “Liebestod” from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde:

Monday, January 1, 2018

2018: Sticky Wickets for the GOP

December 27, 2018 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

Ambiguity and American Jurisprudence
The Tyranny of the Judiciary and What to Do about It
The Federal Deficit under ‘Divided Government’
Ambiguity, the Chevron Doctrine, Kavanaugh, and ‘Birthright Citizenship’
The ‘Right’ to Birthright Citizenship
The 'Limitless' Capacity of Government to Create Money
The Midterms after Kavanaugh
The Fiscal Lunacy of Electing Democrats to Congress
McCain, Bipartisanship, and the ‘Congress Problem’
Election Integrity in Kansas and Beyond
The Election that Creates the Most Problems
The West since the Cold War
On the Financial ‘Wisdom’ of Attending Today’s Colleges
The Cost of College: Beating the System
A Pound of Flesh at the Speed of Justice
Helping Lawyers with Their Prose
‘Private’ Projects with Taxpayer Bailouts
A Really Bad Idea: Taxing Internet Commerce
NeverTrumpers and Fox News
Delinquent Debt in America: To Forgive or Not to Forgive
The ‘Greatest Film of All Time’ Explained … with embedded videos
The Dollar: Lionel Shriver on Ruin
How a Rich Nation Becomes a Poor Nation
The Real Issue in Government Shutdowns
How to Prevent a Roy Moore-Doug Jones SNAFU
The Trump Tax Cuts and the Obamacare Mandate ‘Repeal’
Helping the New Tax Law to Pay Off
Book to Film: Live by Night

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