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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: The Year of Second Chances

June 26, 2015 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

What Exactly Is an ‘Entitlement’?
Subsidies and the Price of Health Insurance
The Income Taxes of the Bottom Half
Flat Tax Fantasies
The Rubio Tax Plan Asks for Grief
The ‘Total Cost’ to the Individual of ObamaCare
Liars in High Places
On the Accuracy of Information in the Information Age
Changing Your Vote on ObamaCare
The Fate of ObamaCare: Let the People Decide It
ObamaCare at the Crossroads
Universal Healthcare: Who Really Pays?
A ‘Level Playing Field’ for the Super Bowl
The ‘Obama Debt’ in Context
The Power of Hypotheticals
A 50-year-old Movie More Relevant than Ever
H&R Block and Your 2014 Taxes under ObamaCare

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Here’s a short clip from A Room with a View. As Miss Honeychurch ascends the hill, you’ll hear Puccini’s “Chi il bel sogno di Doretta” as sung by Kiri Te Kanawa:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Last off-ramp before perdition

December 2, 2014 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

A ‘Perspicacious’ Reading of ObamaCare
ObamaCare: ‘If the Wine Is Sour, Throw It Out’
Too Late Smart
ObamaCare and the Language of Law
Will Ambiguity Save ObamaCare?
Democrats and Inflation
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Taking on the Experts in Cambridge
A Conversation with Cato the Eldest
One Little Change for the Federal Reserve
Cinema for Christians and Similar Souls
Taxes and Property in the ‘Real’ America
Complexity and Finding the Right Path
Quicker Relief from Our Bad Choices
Restoring Constitutional Government
Taxes: There’s Always Room at the Top
The Road to Taxpayer Rights
Hobby Lobby and the Fall Campaigns
Language Experts and the History of an Error
Navigating the Income Tax in the ‘Offseason’
How to Control the IRS
The I.R.S. Continues to Hose the Young
Finally, a Man Worth Killing
Lousy Logic: Get Used to It
Rules and Rule Makers
Law, Logic, and the Tendency to Overcomplicate
Putting Social Security on a Solid Footing
A Dog in the Manger on Football’s Big Day
Paul Krugman, Vanquished
If You Like Your ObamaCare, You Can Keep Your ObamaCare
The Trust Fund Mirage

The following are OLD articles that have new addresses:
Hillary Taxes Breathing … the health care debate in 2008 …
No More Minnesotas … it’s all about election integrity …
The Limitations of Economics … is it a science? …

Here’s a classy dame with a gorgeous voice, Anja Harteros. Although it's barbaric, if you're pressed for time, start in the middle: