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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Republic at Risk

December 5, 2013 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

Targeting the Low-Information Voter
The Rhetoric of ObamaCare
Illogic in American Law
One Second After
Banging the Drum for Default … also here at Tenth Amendment Center
ObamaCare’s Original Sin … also here at TAC
The Democrats vs. Electoral Reform
Making America Exceptional Again
Election Fraud: Detecting the Undetectable
Complexity and Its Cult
Presidential Lawlessness: It’s So Cool … also here at TenthAmendmentCenter
Immigration Reform versus Unemployed America
Norman Ornstein Fixes America’s Broken Election System
The End of the World and Other Entertainments
The Law Means Nothing to These People
Mark Steyn, Accommodation, and the Fall of Khartoum
Election Integrity under the Arizona Ruling
The Real Threat from Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Internet Retailing under the Marketplace Fairness Act
Or What: The Saga Continues … in the June Vocabula Review
Robert Reich’s War on Global Capital
The IRS Scandal and Tax Reform
Krugman: Hardly ‘Hard-line’
The Future of Private Property
Culture and the Barbarians at the Gate
The Rising Price of Civilization
Family Fortunes and the I.R.S.
Refining Our ‘Theory’ of Taxation
Will Obama Grab Your IRA?
Or What: A Disquisition on a Common Error in American Usage
… in The Vocabula Review for March, 2013
Obama’s Obsession with the One Percent
ObamaCare and the ‘RobertsTax’
Without Serious Spending Cuts, the Conservative Base Will Walk Away
The Taxpayer’s Share
Loyalty in Football
‘Put Not Your Trust in Aryans’: A Movie Review
A Currency as Good as Gold

This short video is terrific:

Restoration delayed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tea Party Ascendant

December 19, 2012 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

Fiscal Cliff: Negotiating with a Weak Hand?
Krugman Sends ‘Deficit Scolds’ Straight to Hell
Saved from Another Great Depression?
The Twinkie Economist Looks at the 1950s
Snookered on the Fiscal Cliff
A Persistent ObamaCare Factoid
Reeling from Fiscal Vertigo
Claire McCaskill: ‘Other People’s Money’ and Marijuana
Todd Akin: It’s the Majority, Stupid
‘The Policies That Caused the Mess in the First Place’
Recovery and the Fed’s ‘Exit Strategy’
The Weight of the Fed in the Voters’ Decision … also here at TAC
The Brokest Nation
America’s Road to Perdition
Putting Sand in the Gears of the Price Mechanism
Inequality: The Cudgel of Progressives
‘Repeal and Replace’ Is Not Enough ... at TAC ...
‘Fun Facts’ from Barbara Shelly on Wacky, Ignorant Missouri
Howard Dean: A Piece of Work
If All Else Fails: What to do if Akin doesn’t step aside
The Impact of ObamaCare on the Economy
ObamaCare: The Most Recent in a Parade of Horribles
ObamaCare Thwarts Tax Reform
Did the ‘Individual Mandate’ Survive?
The Tax You Need Not Pay
Taxes: ‘Heresies of the Obvious’
Long-term Budgeting by a Short-term Congress
What ‘Every Economist’ Says
The Aesthetics of ObamaCare … also HERE as Release the Kraken
A Raging Prairie Fire of Lies
Election Fraud: A new special report from Fox News
‘Marriage Equality’ and the Public Interest
Obama’s Blank Check
ObamaCare and Freedom
Taxing Thoughts from Justice Sotomayor
ObamaCare’s Real Price Tag
Paul Krugman’s History Problem
‘Let Voters Decide’: Tax Reform in Missouri
Mandatory Spending by a Broke Nation
Sandra Fluke and the Nature of Insurance
‘Nobody Considers That a Tax’
Elections in America: ‘Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient’
ObamaCare’s Moral Conscience Accommodation
America’s One True Religion
Krugman’s Premature Victory Lap
The Company Men
Non-citizen Voting in Connecticut
A Diseased Economy Awaits the Correct Diagnosis
Voter Fraud for the Complete Idiot

For you lovers out there, here’s French Canadian actress AndrĂ©e Lachapelle and composer Michel Legrand in a duet from Legrand’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg:

The Restoration draws nigh.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea Party Agonistes

December 6, 2011 is the date of the last update. Read my articles:

Your ‘Fair Share’ in the New Tax Rate Regime

American Elections: The Paragon of Democracy?

The Missouri GOP Wakes Up

Tax Rates for Limiting the Leviathan

Who's the Real Tea Party Candidate?

Joe Stiglitz Wants Your Money

The Left's Big Obsession … newer version HEREhumor?

Are Drunken Hobos Nullifying America's Elections? ... humor? ...

Inequality: It’s a Good Thing ... also here ...

Creative Destruction in Kansas City?

Tea Parties are like the confederates or something

Stop Coddling Warren Buffett

Tax Reform for a Broke Nation

What took the S&P downgrade so long? … for the Tea Party

Credit Downgrade: Where do we go to get our good name back?

A Ridley Scott Movie for Conservatives

Debt Ceiling: Anything But Spending Cuts

Paul Krugman on Default: Crazy for You … Tenth Amendment Center

Debt Ceiling: The Long Run Is Here … a short blog

Bill O’Reilly Addresses the Tea Party

Can Increased Demand Save the Economy?

Debt Ceiling: Groping for Clarity

ObamaCare and the King’s Royal Deeralso here

Debt Ceiling: The Trap of Budget Cuts in the ‘Out Years’

Presidential Elections: An End Run Around the Constitution?

The “Real” Tax Rates on Top Earners

The Debt Ceiling Showdown in an Uncertain Recovery

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Paul Krugman: The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Ever-Shifting Price of ObamaCare

Hit and Run Journalism in Kansas City

The Debt Ceiling: Who’s Holding Whom Hostage?

Removing the Payroll Tax Cap

Social Security ‘Whoppers’ and the Compliant Media

NY Times columnist wrong: Congress Can End Social Security Whenever They So Choose

The Price of Government Employees

Robert Reich: Who You Calling a Liar?

Paul Krugman: Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Kansas City Star whitewashes Senator McCaskill’s offenses

‘Waiving’ goodbye to the Constitution

The Mahdi in the Moviessee a great movie clip

The Unbearable Lightness of the Social Security “Trust Fund”

Who’s afraid of a little election fraud?

The Individual Mandate: Is It a Tax?

The Limits of Federal Power: ObamaCare on Trial

Tea Partiers concerned about America, watch this VIDEO.

Puccini is the best intro to opera -- click below and change your life:

The Restoration is not yet complete.