Monday, December 28, 2009

Trillion Dollar Deficits -- Part 9

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Ultracon finds it easy to pronounce The Divine Angela as history's definitive Mimi. EMI put out a DVD of the following performance; it's available in better stores everywhere, as well as Angela's website: La Boheme.

Here's Mimi's Act III aria, Donde lieta usci; you'll never be the same:

ULTRACON: stuck in 1896.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Church of Gheorghiu

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NOTE: If you find the Borg metaphor apt, you might enjoy this video of actress Alice Krige commenting about Power vis-à-vis her role as the Borg Queen.

And now to the serious stuff: The Divine Angela.

The following video is of Mimi's Act I aria from La Boheme. It demonstrates what a terrific actress Ms. Gheorghiu is. Of course the main thing is the voice.

If you want more, find in the playlist returned at the end "O soave fanciulla", which takes you to the end of act.

Ultracon: Good for what ails you.